Friday, 29 June 2018

Big news: Kapil Sharma's fans will get disappointments, TVs are telling the world forever

Big news: Kapil Sharma's fans will get disappointments, TVs are telling the world forever

"Kapil Sharma's fans will get disappointments"

Kapil, who has made a new acquaintance with Sony TV's famous comedy reality show "The Comedy with Kapil Sharma", today knows every child in India. This show left an impression in the hearts of the audience, which we could never forget even if we wanted to. Kapil or Dr. The laughter of the famous Gulati, all made the audience laugh. The pair of Sunil and Kapil were touching the peak of success, but then there was such a clash between the two that the entire show was ruined, due to which the channels decided to close the show. After one consecutive one, Kapil's career was trapped in a scandal and almost reached the brink of ending. But recently, Kapil took another entry into the TV industry by becoming a part of another show with Sony TV. But the show did not show anything special and was closed in two weeks.

Kapil's career seems to be staggering these days. Salman Khan is a Bollywood actor who has the power to make any flop star superstar. It was recently reported that Salman is going to give Kapil a chance in a film soon enough, which could make Kapil's career stand again. However, Salman Khan's brother Sohail Khan has denied this news. On the other hand, surprising news about Kapil is coming out. Some time ago, Sony TV had instructed that Kiss Kapil's show will be back. But now this channel is hesitant to join hands with Kapil Sharma. Indeed, everybody has been fed up with the constant mistreatment made by Kapil and now no one wants to raise the risk of doing any work with them. So Kapil Sharma is now making his own plan.

In movies

If the thing is done for Bollywood, Kapil Sharma's first film, "Kiss Kiss ko ki karne", got the audience's love very much. But after this, his film Firangi flooded the expectations of newcomers and the film was badly beaten at the box office. In such a case, Kamlakar Kapil's third time on TV, now wants to take no risk.

According to Kapil, the number of viewers on these days is increasing in the direction of the digital platform. In such a short, it may cost them dearly for the comedy series.

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