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Earth Day 2018: Lets Take a Pledge To End The Use of Plastic!

Earth Day and Plastic pollution

When it is discussed ritually on "Earth Day", then it starts to feel that how much our earth becomes in the eyes of the public. Our earth is the only place where life is possible even today. But when it comes to protecting and protecting the earth, the scholars also appear peeping.

Earth Day 2018: Do not Use Plastic and Paper

In fact, today the ignorance of mankind has brought us to the mouth that it is no longer understood that in this way, what is the beginning of improvement? We have an eternal relationship with the environment. Life and environment are complementary to each other. Without the environment, life is impossible. Pure water, earth, air are the primary conditions of our healthy life. There is no such example of survival. This crisis is the result of the imbalance in the relationship between us.
Sanjeeeta is organizing various types of governmental non-governmental organizations instead of preserving this priceless heritage. We take a resolve to save the earth and the environment. Programs like planting trees, streams of rivers and cleanliness around them are organized. Public awareness campaigns, meetings, seminars and conferences are organized. But nothing is enduring. In fact, to save the Earth, we need to focus primarily on 3 points-

1. Water

We get water from the earth. How have the water polluted in recent times, it is in everyone's ignorance. Reducing pollution will also take responsibility for monitoring the quantity and quality of water. Both of these things are very important.
Keeping all these points at the center, the International Council of Science is churning seriously about preserving the Earth in the future. The importance of the council is about how the earth should be sustainable and worth the use.

2. Climate change

The climate change must be understood closely. For example, if the government imposes such equipment in the domestic aircrafts, which gives an opportunity to know about the weather of the upper surface of climate, the data obtained from it can be used for betterment.

3. Food Security

We get food from the earth itself. By the way the population is increasing, the pressure on Earth in the coming days is certainly going to increase significantly. We can only give nutrients to the growing population, when the earth will survive. 
There is also a fact that vegetarian food in the world is in the wages. In this respect, the production of vegetarian foods in more department is also a challenge. We also need to focus on this point.

There are three more things that are very important-


Reduce natural disaster, major disasters can be avoided.


Reducing mounting pressure on Mega City. We talk about Smart City but why not give priority to Smart Village. Together, there is a need to promote smart farming. One thing that is clear from this is that if we develop rural areas, the pressure of unnecessary pressure on big cities and metropolises will be reduced.


we have to develop alternative means of livelihood. For example, new species crop. Together we also need to develop the understanding of promoting herbal plants. Connecting the traditional things with the situation. All our festivals are made in terms of nature and environment.
We have always been worshiping trees, rivers, ponds and earth, but a well-educated modern society has thrown these traditions in the dustbin due to stereotyping and today our garbage trash is getting heavier on us. There is a need to promote development tourism too.
If we have to save the earth environment, we have to save ourselves, then we will have to awaken our traditions, eternal consciousness. Otherwise one day International Earth Day will not be anything from formality.

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